Caring - Healing - Teaching

In providing the needs and rights of street children, Pangarap Shelter uses the Caring-Teaching-Healing Framework

How we Started

In 1989, a group of Pasay City housewives with the Ina Anak, Inc., The Ladies of Charity of Pasay and The Brothers of the Sons of Mary, Health of the Sick started a Drop In Shelter for streetchildren near Cartimar in Pasay City. Their beneficiaries were the streetchildren around the city and those coming from the reclamation area where The Mall of Asia and other establishments are now. They provided a place for them to have dinner, take a bath, watch TV, sleep and breakfast after which they went back outside.

They had a housefather and mother to look after them and later a tutor to give them a class before going out. Eventually they said that they would like to leave the street and be able to go to school. Fortunately, a big ancestral house along Taft Avenue was offered and they called the project Pangarap which translates to “Dream” in English language. We were elated because if these children can still dream, they are alive and with hope. So Pangarap Shelter for street children was born with a Drop-In Shelter and a Residential Shelter which are staffed by social workers, house parents, teachers, part-time Psychologists and a Consultant Child Psychiatrist from The Brothers.

In 1993, the 3 founding groups decided to incorporate Pangarap Foundation, now working with street children, out of school youths, their families and communities. The foundation is registered, licensed, accredited by Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), Security Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Philippine Council for Non-Government Organizations (PCNC). It is also a center for training of Social Workers, Psychologists and for research. Its work has been documented and published here and abroad and recognized with awards.

Case Management Framework

To systematize, organize our intervention activities with our beneficiaries we use the Caring, Healing Teaching framework. The same approach is also used for staffing and budgeting.

Our Goal

The recovery and sustained reintegration of the children and youth into their families and society.

Our Philosophy

We offer them a life based on certain Gospel values. Being created in God’s image, we encourage them to defend, respect, develop and use their God – given talents for themselves and for others, while establishing a community of love and service.


To accompany and support the youth on their journey towards recovery, development, and reintegration in God’s Kingdom.


That through their experience of God’s Healing love, they will be restored to health of body, mind and spirit – becoming loving and responsible citizens in a child-friendly community that acknowledges and supports their rights.

our partners

Ms. Raissa Roena Ocampo

Allianz PNBLife Philippines

“As a way of giving back, I opened my heart to the idea of sponsoring a child’s college education at Pangarap. I found peace in the idea that help will be extended to a person who has potential to make a difference in the world.”

Ms. Carina Müller


“I’m from Germany and in 2013 I started a one-year volunteer program in the Philippines. The team of Pangarap Foundation, Inc. welcomed us, and we became part of it. I supported and helped people in Paliparan Community Development Program and had a great time! MyGerman friends and I are still supporting Pangarap every year by donating to the educational assistance and the feeding program. Thanks for the great work😊.”

Promoting the right and well-being of every child in everything we do.

Be one with us.