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Six Pangarap youth who participated in the Milo National Marathon 3K category at the SM MOA Complex were a testament to the power of community support and determination. Sponsored by the Big Heart Volunteer Group
Pangarap Foundation believes that by providing a diverse range of activities during the Youth Camp 2023, participants will not only gain valuable skills but also develop lifelong friendships and memories. It is through these experiences
The Pangarap Shelter Sportsfest Awarding Night is not just about handing out trophies and medals. It is a testament to the power of teamwork, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence. It is a celebration of
Celebrating milestones allows us to reaffirm our commitment to our mission and to the people we serve. It brings together our staff members, volunteers, beneficiaries, and supporters to commemorate the foundation's achievements and inspire continued
This event aims to celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance displayed by the athletes throughout the sportfest.
The boys and staff alike enjoyed the day, making it an experience that none of them will ever forget.
The children and youth under their care enjoyed a multitude of water activities along with a simple salo-salo feast with their friends and staff members of the said organization. This activity provided the youth opportunities
Mr. Valentine is the theme of the Pre-valentine socialization activity for February.
Air Installation and Base Development Command (AIBDC) invited us and brought our children/youth to their PAF Aerospace Museum and other facilities to celebrate their 1st Founding Anniversary.

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